Google is having a great stint at Apple’s platform, with recent success thanks to Google maps, which hit 10 million downloads in 48 hours, the company has released yet another app. Google seems to like iOS more than android, i mean the official Google apps perform better on iOS than it’s on playground. The latest application released is a YouTube capture app which let’s the iOS users shoot and upload their videos instantly on YouTube, Google +, Facebook and share links on twitter.

The YouTube capture apps follow the traditional Google design guidelines which features simple yet effective and easy to understand interface. Apple users did criticise the look arguing that it did not sit in well with other applications, but now, they seem to have accepted it. With all Google apps i.e. Maps, chrome, gmail, YouTube and YouTube capture app featuring the same design, the pack seems complete. Coming back to the application; the main focus of the app is to give users the ability to easily capture the videos from embedded camera, touch them up with another app and then save them for the app to upload.


Once you have recorded the video and want to touch it up, Google gives you the option to apply color correction and stabilization, you can trim the videos down as well and add your favourite music on top of it. The final stage of the application let’s you upload your creation directly to multiple destinations simultaneously.

To sum it up, the YouTube capture app is a simple, functional and effective application for iOS. Uploading videos can prove to be a hassle, and if you are used to uploading and sharing videos to social websites, then we think it is going to be your perfect companion.

Download: YouTube capture

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch