Sn0wbreeze was recently released and is another jailbreaking tool for iPhone and iPod touch 1G, 2G (non MC) which have 3.1.2 firmware installed. If you want to know how to jailbreak your iPod touch using sn0wbreeze then check this definitive guide. Now the problem was that ih8sn0w which released sn0wbreeze found some bugs in the expert mode of the release and therefore pulled sn0wbreeze almost right after it’s release.


Now you can do untethered Jailbreak of your iPhone 3G/3Gs running latest firmware 3.1.3 with "Spirit".

Step by Step iPhone and iPod Touch (All models) Firmware 3.1.3 Jailbreak Guide Using Spirit

The ih8sn0w team announced that they will release sn0wbreeze on Monday but it’s not up so far. If you were not able to download sn0wbreeze during those precious moments then don’t panic, I have set up two alternate download links for sn0wbreeze Lite for Windows. If you’re using the above mentioned guide for jailbreaking then you are going to need it so download it first.

These are the download links:

Alternate Download Link 1 for Sn0wbreeze Lite (RapidShare)

Alternate Download Link 2 for Sn0wbreeze Lite (MegaFileUpload)

Please let me know if you cannot download. I’ll put up a few more links.