This is the first Apple store in Shanghai and this is also the first time Apple has shifted it’s design focus from Glass Cube to Cylindrical shape. Red curtains are being pulled over the cylindrical Apple ‘dome’ for the opening day but what’s revealed while the photos were shot is a piece of art, design and technology immersed in all glass. What’s different about this new Apple store in Shanghai is that it’s like a cylinder placed in what seems to be a big roundabout which makes the store visible from everywhere.

This all new Shanghai Apple Store is scheduled to open on Saturday, 10th July 2010. There are no announcements of any special iPhone 4 deals that you can grab when the store opens but you can expect a big line of Chinese fan boys anxious to lay their hands on the new iPhone 4.

Up until now, if you wanted to buy an iMac, iPhone or any other Apple product, you will have to travel to Hong Kong or Singapore to get one.

You can see right through the store and also notice that there isn’t much space in the store compared to Apple stores in the US.

And see how it looks from a tall tower. The center where it’s located is itself newly constructed

Curtains being lifted for the big Saturday opening

Another view of the front…well every side is front side since it’s cylindrical

A peek inside the store

You can see that the lifter used to pull up the red curtains is so heavy that the tiles on the ground have to be pulled to make firm place for the lifter’s feet

This new cylindrical Apple store design is definitely a WIN. What do you think?

(This photo set of the new Apple store in Shanghai was uploaded by Matthew Lesh on his Flickr)