Who doesn't use photo editing tools? Almost everyone of us has to tweak the not-so-good camera results or lightning. Photo Editing software are handy when it comes to little fixes like dealing with red eyes, brightness and fine tuning photos to make them look better. Photoshop still rocks the market but for an average users, you don't need that expensive and fancy photo editor as there are a plethora of other convenient, free photo editing tools that can help you do the same. We've  reviewed the market for some of the top image-editing programs and decided to put them all head-to-head.



GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is probably the most powerful free photo editor available. Often lauded as “the free Photoshop” GIMP has just every tool that is used for normal level and enterprise level photo editing like creating logos, image rendering, batch  picture processing, expert quality photo retouching program, an online batch processing system, a mass production image renderer, an image format converter and a video editor.

You can just enjoy the photo editing on its easy and self explanatory interface. With the lighter mode, you can fix your pictures swiftly and easily. GIMP has third party plug-ins and extension which can elevate the level of control you have. It runs for almost all platforms like GNU/Linux (i386, PPC), Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista), Mac OS X, Sun OpenSolaris, FreeBSD. It’s free and offers colossal tools to play with the pics, there is little reason not to take it for a spin. Grab it here


paint.net final

Started as a college project, Paint.Net is now one of the most famous and useful photo editing tools that is available for free. It's feature-packed, pixel-based image editing tool which is perfectly suitable for your day-to-day image enhancement needs. With Red-eye reduction tool, one click Sepia conversion, image adjustment and a great range of plug-ins and add-ons give you a great all-in-one solution for image editing. No floating pallets, no knotty and complex interfaces, just the self explanatory piece of cake you have always wanted.



Jam packed with best photo editing tools on the fly, Photoscape is another free pie for you to wriggle  the images. Photo editor, slide show creator, batch editor, screen capture program, resizer, color manager, you name it, Photoscape has it all. Collage lovers can simply drag and drop the photos into the boxes to create a quick collage. The interface is just a piece of cake and  you will love to edit  the images on this software. It has a useful object tab from where you can add text, shapes, and speech balloons. Coming to the batch editor, it gives you a plethora of tools to play with like frames, objects, texts, color and tone adjustments, sharpening, re-sizing, and many other tools of great utility. Then there is a colossal Raw Converter, a simple converter for saving camera RAW files as JPEGs. Only Windows users can enjoy this cream pie for now. Download it for free from the official website.




LazPaint is best for lazy noobs who always want a spoon feeding, self explanatory interface. LazPaint is an open source and free to download raster image editor aimed for letting the normal, less technical users to edit the images, add text,  change colors, resize, add 3D shapes and text to the images. Shaded shape, pallets. swings and hue colors are also there and it is not less than any mainstream photo editing tool. Handy tools and options like buttons in this bar for zooming the document, on the fly blending modes like lighten, Soft Light and Multiply and image  enhancement tools like Brightness/Contrast feature are really useful with a convenient HCI. LazPaint is free and compatible with Windows and Linux



PhoXo has funny little interface and both the kids and adults can enjoy playing with the media here. A colossal collection of cliparts, options for customizing images with cartoon cats, ability to add a custom watermark to an entire folder of images, drawing and paint tools, image transformations, re-sizing, cropping, hue effects and much more. Supporting a bundle of formats like (JPG, PNG, PSD, BMP, TIFF, TGA, ICO), PhoXo has the spectacular Zoom Blur, a Radial Blur, a very effective Motion Blur, even a despeckle options. Download this amazing tool from the official website. It’s compatible with Windows OS.

The market is flooded with abundant photo editing tools. We just wired you about some of the best, free, easy to use tools here.