So what’s this all about? We all love discounts and bargained prices, don’t we? So how about a website that’s dedicated to this unquenchable thirst of ours? Yeap, it’s all about discounts, bargains, sometimes giveaways and what not? Could be described as the internet shopper’s another one-stop-shop. It’s called the Black Friday Online Deals.

With so many internet shopping sites spread all across the internet, it sometimes becomes a hell of a task to track down the lowest price of any gadget or virtually anything you want to purchase online and even that too if you’re price conscious. Websites that list deals across the internet by sometimes gathering data themselves and sometimes it’s contributed by fellow shoppers, are all the rage now. You probably know a couple of them and this one’s a nice addition to your browsing and online shopping list.

This is what they have to say about themselves:

Here on this website we're ofering you guy a useful service. In order for you to profit from the best sales offers this year's Black Friday (on November 27th), we will try to get all the best deals we can find online and offline on this site, so you won't have to spend your precious time anymore.

On this site we are not selling products, we just tell you where you can find them. We'll offer you the special deals from big retailers like K'Mart, Best Buy, Wallmart, Amazon, etc , plus lots of coupons, the Black friday 2009 ads, tips that should help your shopping effort and much more.

And I won’t stop without telling you the deal I really loved: You’re getting a HP Pavilion DV6-1230US multimedia laptop originally sold at around $1020 for just $629.99!! Could this get any better?