What if your notebook or desktop does not has a webcam? How about using your iPhone 4 (or iPhone 3Gs/3G for that matter) as a wireless HD webcam? There’s an awesome App on the App Store that lets you do exactly that.

With WebCamera (available on App Store) you can turn your iPhone into a high-quality webcam. Imagine the ease of a wireless HD webcam, you can move it around and there are absolutely no additional wires required. With this app installed on your iPhone, you can connect to your computer via WiFi and then use your iPhone as a webcam in Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, AOL, in-fact any IM software out there since there won’t be any difference between a crappy low-quality USB webcam attached to your computer and this HD webcam.

(image from Mobiola website)

You also need to have a client software installed on the computer with which you want to connect your iPhone. The software is available for free and it lets you configure the network manually or automatically (whichever works for you). Download the Mobiola client software here.


Install the client and then run it. Now if you do not see your iPhone’s video on the client then you may need to check out the Settings (click the bottom-left button on the client) and see the access list if your iPhone is showing up on it and whether the client has access to it:



You can record and transmit video in three different qualities:

  1. Low: 192X144
  2. Medium: 480X360
  3. High (HD): 1280X720

Also make sure that you record in the landscape mode since if you record in the portrait mode then the images will be flipped when they’re transmitted.

With iPhone 4, you have the option of using either the front or the back camera. So how about replacing your webcam with iPhone now?