Imgur has finally released a tool we all have been waiting for. Imgur’s Video to GIF tool now lets you make a GIFs from any streaming videos including Youtube videos. All you have to do is to just select the timeframe from the streaming video. The quality of the end GIF is perfect and load times are faster. There are many tools already on the web which allows you to make GIFs from videos but Imgur’s tool is peculiar in many aspects.

imagur video to GIF tool 1

Imgur’s Video to GIF tool creates .gifv file when you create a GIF from any video. This is the tricky part. In order to share .gifv file on websites, you will have to embed the code in the text mode of the editors. Sending these GIFs through email is also difficult.

Perhaps the best use of Imgur’s tool is on the Imgur platform itself. Imgur is a vast network of images and GIFs. You can easily share .GIFV files on Imgur for now. There are some other issues with the latest tool: the conversion from .gifv to gif is not clear. Load times on other websites are also not impressive. But still, the tool works perfectly on a limited number of websites.

In order to make a GIF from a video on Imgur, just paste the video URL in the text box given, select the starting and ending point from the sliding bar. You can also preview the GIF quickly before finalizing.

You can also add text to the GIF. The time limit of GIF set by Imgur is 15 seconds, which is, pretty reasonable.

Imgur also plans to add frame by frame mechanism instead of time limits in the future.

After setting the time limit, just hit the ‘Create GIF’ button and you will land a perfect quality GIF with sharing options and also a delete option.

Perhaps the only factor which stands out Imgur’s Video to GIF tool from all other tools is the quality of GIF. Otherwise, this tool needs a lot of tinkering and editing.

Here's how end result looks like: