Do you suffer from excess of remote controls spread all over your home? You’re not alone, there are millions who have at least 2-3 remote controls for all the different devices they own (Television, DVD player etc). What if there was only one remote control? And that too not exactly a remote control but a gadget that you always have in your pocket. Yes, with UnityRemote app from Gear4, you can now control your TV and almost all other gadget that this app supports with your iPhone or iPod touch!


Here’s how UnityRemote works: You get a small cylinder which is actually a IR (Infrared) transceiver that can communicate at different frequency levels with different devices like your Television or maybe your remote controlled air-conditioning? You will need to download the app “UnityRemote” and also purchase this small cylinder from Gear4 (you can order it from their website) and put in near all your gadgets (positioning it might be a little tricky).


Once you have the app and the device placed, you can pick and choose which devices to control by enabling their specific profile. You can even create your own custom controls which means you can program what buttons will do what for you. Up to 8 Apple devices can be paired up with a single UnityRemote ‘cylinder’ which might also mean that someone next door might control your TV!? I still do not see the point of allowing that many devices at one single time. But it can come in handy if you have multiple iDevices at home.

The app is available for free on the AppStore but the cylinder will cost you around $160 which is a bit expensive but still comparable to other options like Logitech’s Harmony. Let’s hope they cut down the prices this coming Holiday season.

Note: You do not need to Jailbreak your iPhone to use this!