Even if you are not a big fan of gaming on the iPhone/iPod touch or iPad, you are still going to find racing games pretty amusing. Remember the old Motocross on Windows? It has come back to amuse us once more albeit a different form and share: The FMX Riders. It will cost you around $5 but today they’re giving it for free, just today. For those who don’t want to read on and just download, here’s the App Store link for downloading FMX Rider.


Almost everyone who has reviewed FMX Riders opines it to be one of the best motocross game ever for iPhone. You can play single races as well as online multi-player and just like every other fun game, its also social (online Leaderboard, posting scores online, challenging someone etc). The online multiplayer is done through the Game center but what it lacks right now is the ability to manually choose your competitor. Currently a random competitor is chosen from among the available pool. But it’s still a  lot fun.

Just like any other major racing game title, FMX rider also responds to tilt-to-turn control but you can switch to touch-to-turn too even though they don’t recommend that.

Download FMX RIders for iPhone (It’s Free for today only!)

FMX_Rider_iPhone2 FMX_Rider_iPhone3