If you are a gamer and recently upgraded to Windows 8.1, you must be yowling around because of the ugly mouse lags. This problem is rattling the web right now and gamers are getting furious on this. At start, everyone thinks that it is because of the game or just a normal  PC choke but as the time passes, you will notice the that its a regular affair and clear mouse lags occur while playing any game or doing any graphics work. Experts have suggested the reason behind this lag problem. This is because of the extensive changes in the DPI framework in the Windows 8.1 which is not letting the smooth game play for those games which don’t use Raw Input or DirectInput. All the gamers who use high DPI mice, high polling-rate mice, on-board memory units are facing this problem on regular basis.

mouse lags in Windows 8.1 gaming

We are not here to explain the causes of the problem and blubber around, rather we will tell you the solution for this nudge. The solution that works smooth is editing the mice settings for the .exe files of the the game in which the mouse lags. Just follow the steps given below.

  1. Go the the .exe file of the game in which you face mouse lags, Right Click and go to Properties.
  2. Switch to the compatibility tab in the Properties Windows
  3. Check the option saying "Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 8.
  4. Check the option saying "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings"
  5. Check "Run this program as administrator" option
  6. Apply Changes

mouse lags in windows 8.1 solution

Now Run the game and things will work smooth and you will not face any teasing mouse lags. Let us know in the comments whether it worked for you or not. Enjoy Gaming!