Usually it isn't removing chunks of work load from your schedule that saves time in the long-term, what really makes a difference is consistently eliminating small inefficiencies to create a big difference. Accessing programs, apparently, isn't much of a concern to novice users, but those who value efficiency and effective time management both at work and at home would significantly benefit from easy access to frequently used application. Quick Pop Menu allows you to access programs, folders, shortcuts and properties with a single click on your system tray. Having minimum effect on the overall system performance, it vigilantly sits for you to benefit from whenever needed. With support for multiple languages (English and Japanese), notifications and frequent update checks, this application is sure to make life easier for you.  

Once installed, the application launches itself by making its presence felt on the system tray as an icon. Double click the icon to view the shortcut menu (or simply use Ctrl+M hot-key) or if you want to access the tray menu, right click the same. As soon as you begin using the right click context menu, you are in a position to arrange shortcuts, configure settings, close tray icon and exit apart from the shortcuts menu. If you require a language change from English to Japanese or vice versa, just select the relevant option from the sub-menu. If you feel that some of the file extensions you are dealing with are not supported by this utility, select the Add File extensions option to fix the problem. Moreover, you can change the view by clicking Change to Large Icons while enabling Run at Windows Startup alters the execution settings according to your preferences.

QuickPopUpMenu - System Tray

To add new entries, you must copy the file or shortcut to the SubFolder as indicated below. Once you've done this, go to the relevant option in the Quick Pop Menu to access the shortcut instantly. Thus, it helps you avoid the clutter in the start menu by encouraging you to easily add frequently used or high priority programs to the right click context menu from the system tray. This saves both time and the effort, consistently.

QuickPopMenu - Adding Shortcuts

You can further add file extensions to the respective field in the new window by inserting the extensions separated by commas so as to load them onto the menu. In addition, you can always revert to the past by clicking the default button.

Quick Pop Menu - Add File extensions

If at any point, you become annoyed from the large icons (selected manually), you can always click the Change to Small Icons option to restore the original interface. Although the current program flow is simple and easy to understand, but a standalone window interface would add more value and flexibility for the user who is accustomed to the explorer layout.

Quick Pop Menu - Large icons

Summing up, the Quick Pop Menu is a simple yet useful utility meant to save your time, one step at a time. With the freedom to promote or demote programs from the menu, accessible from the system tray, you can easily get used to this software. We tested this software on Windows 7, 64-bit edition. It also supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Quick Pop Menu