TheiPhoneDevTeam are the new entry into the iPhone hacking world. They have released a video showing an iPod touch 3G (possibly MC model) which they have jailbroken with their yet-to-be-released tool. So what’s so different? They claim that the Jailbreak is untethered!


Now you can do untethered Jailbreak of your iPhone 3G/3Gs running latest firmware 3.1.3 with "Spirit".

Step by Step iPhone 2G/3G/3Gs Firmware 3.1.3 Jailbreak Guide Using Spirit

For those who are wondering what untethered means: This means that you have to Jailbreak only once and won’t need to jailbreak it every time you do hard reboot. They have announed that their Jailbreak tool will be released on 12th April 2010, 3 days from now. Here’s the video showing jailbroken (untethered) iPod touch 3G running on iPhone OS 3.1.3

Here are the 4 W’s of the whole story:

Who: TheiPhoneDevTeam
What: Untethered Jailbreak tool for iPhone OS 3.1.3
What Devices: iPhone 2G, 3G and 3Gs (MC models included!), iPod touch 2G, 3G including MC models
When: It will be released on 12th April, 3 days from now.

[via TheiPhoneDevTeam]