Apple announced that the white edition of it's best selling iPhone ever - iPhone 4 - will start shipping after mid July and the reason was manufacturing delays. Even though Apple has somehow managed to keep the supply lines filled with the black version of iPhone 4, there are many fan boys waiting to lay their hands on the first ever white version of iPhone.

We are still not sure whether the white version of iPhone 4 will also have antenna/reception issues but since it’s antenna is also wrapped around it’s borders, we might very well expect the same problems with it too. If the problem persists with white iPhone 4 too, then you may very well try iHand – the ultimate solution to iPhone 4 antenna problem.

There is absolutely no difference except for the stark color difference between the black and the white edition of the iPhone 4. Apple has continued to insist that the white version is not going to be shipped unless they have enough supplies to meet the demand. But for those who have been waiting, here are some fresh White iPhone 4 photos for you guys:














(photos via ePrice)