The Internet Encyclopedia or Wikipedia has rapidly become a source and an aggregation platform for information regarding any topic of interest. Just as looking up a difficult word in a dictionary has been made possible by online tools and search engines in an instant, researching could never have been simpler. The distinguishing feature of Wikipedia is its pictorially rich layout coupled with well-organized headings and hierarchical indexes that contain hyperlinked keywords to all related pages. In addition, the references section provides you the opportunity to explore the sources behind the article you read and research in a more in-depth manner. Allowing users to share their knowledge anytime is a factor that makes Wikipedia, a dynamic information hub. Based on the same concept, Wikipedia has recently launched its very own travel site allowing internet users across the globe to easily and effectively research, analyze, evaluate and decide their travel destinations along with the ability to add experiences and information wherever you feel the need. Using featured sections and focusing on pictures and multimedia content, WikiVoyage promises a memorable travelling journey.

WikiVoyage has a much similar page layout in comparison with Wikipedia but the home page is pretty rich with information waiting for you to explore. The main space is tabbed in two sections: Page (view information and explore destinations) and Discussion (interact with fellow travel enthusiasts and share experiences on topics of interest). You can also choose between more tabs at the top right corner of the page: Read (chosen by default), View source (an easy and instant way to view links and sources) and View history (track changes). You can also create your own account by clicking the relevant link at the top right corner, above the search bar and log in to enjoy a personalized experience. The main space features various regions of the globe like Africa, Asia, Europe, America, general travel topics and more. Highlighted sections like Destination of the month, Off the beaten path and featured travel topic are some attention-seeking and captivating sections that has the potential to fire up that hidden spark within you for nature and travelling.


The left sidebar allows you to select from a variety of languages, destinations, random pages, star articles and much more. The time has come to endorse WikiVoyage as your trustable and reliable travel guide providing you information wherever you require and adding in to your experience by connecting you to a rich online travelers’ friendly environment.

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