It’s confirmed now. Charlie Kindel of Microsoft has confirmed that Windows Phone 7 has experienced a paradigm shift in terms of how developers deliver User Experience in their Windows Phone 7 apps and this is the reason we have to let go the old Windows Mobile apps since they belong to an old era.


This is what he precisely said:

“To enable the fantastic user experiences you’ve seen in the Windows Phone 7 Series demos so far we’ve had to break from the past.To deliver what developers expect in the developer platform we’ve had to change how phone apps were written. One result of this is previous Windows mobile applications will not run on Windows Phone 7 Series.”

As for the hardware, we have already reported confirmed reports that HTC HD2 won’t be able to run Windows Phone 7 and now we have this apps limitation coming in.


So how will I enjoy my favorite Windows Mobile apps on my new Windows Phone 7?

You’re on the mercy of the developers. In order for you to enjoy your old Windows Mobile app on your new WP7 phone, the developer has to re-write the app for the new WP7 OS.

How can we write apps for Windows Phone 7?

The recently released Visual Studio 10 will have the support for writing Windows Phone 7 apps. Microsoft is expected to give a detailed demo on development using VS10 in its upcoming Mix10 which is starting from March 15, 2010.

Will Windows Phone 7 have multi-tasking and Flash support?

No. It has not been announced yet but we hope MS will adopt it, officially, sooner then Apple.

[via ZDNet]