Microsoft said Windows Phone 7 won’t be coming to HTC HD2 since it does not fulfill the requirements but who can bind software to any particular device nowadays? It was just a matter of time and it seems it took lesser time then expected and now we have Windows Phone 7 OS running on HTC HD2!

The ROM is not yet available for download but an RC is expected any time soon. Tom Codon, a developer from Russia was the guy who posted pictorial evidence on HTCPedia forum and later, video evidence showing Windows Phone 7 OS running on his HTC HD2. He has not yet confirmed whether he’s going to release the ROM anytime soon but it would just be a matter of days if not hours before we have ROM available for download. Besides, everything has been reported to work just fine except the graphics drivers which add unnecessary delays.

Pictures of WP7 OS running on HTC HD2: 
windows-phone-7-on-htc-hd2 windows-phone7-on-htc-hd2

windows-phone-7-on-htc-hd2-123 WP7-on-htc-hd2

And the video showing WP7 on HTC HD2:

[via RedmondPie, HTCPedia]