This is happening. Believe it or not. Novell is going to release a new technology that will enable almost all of the Xbox 360 games to be ported on the iPhone and iPod touch. Now this is simply amazing. The great Xbox 360 gaming experience on your iPhone!

live_iphone_xboxNovell has announced that it’s new technology that will be released tomorrow, 16th March 2010, will enable Xbox 360 games to be morphed to iPhone and iPod touch. So far, Microsoft has shown no signs of resistance and the reason is pretty clear: Microsoft knows that more developers are now targeting the iPhone platform then before and this trend is destined to rise so why lose the market? 

Novell says that it’s also going to release the same technology for Android but that would take some time.

  • It’s still not confirmed whether the exclusive Xbox 360 titles will also be ported or not.
  • Will iPhone be able to connect to Xbox Live and play live gaming?
  • Does it has the processing power to give the real Xbox 360 like gaming experience?

These issues are vital and they have to be catered for this “technology” to make a real impact.


This would mean hundreds or popular titles coming for the iPhone and ones they come for the iPhone then that means you will also be able to play your favorite Xbox 360 games on the new iPad. Big screen equals awesome mobile gaming experience.

[via ModMyi]