As predicted, Apple has just released the iOS (formerly known as iPhone firmware) update 4.1 This update comes amid the concerns from Consumer Rights group regarding the iPhone 4 reception issues which were confirmed by the report from Comsumer Rights group. The update iOS 4.1 is released for:


The iOS 4.1 update is released for only those enrolled in the Apple iPhone developer program. Download iOS 4.1


iPhone 4 Reception Issue:

Apple announced that the new update will fix the iPhone 4 reception issue but all that Apple has done is ‘raise’ the height of the signal bars a little. Here’s an image from MacRumors:


And here’s the video from MobileCrunch showing that the reception issue is still unsolved and that iPhone 4 still drops signals which actually adds to the proof that the reception issue is primarily from a hardware fault. Watch the video after the break.

And here’s a comparison from Engadget showing an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.0 and an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.1 and the only difference is the height of the signal bars: