Detailed Guide: How to Jailbreak Your iPod Touch 1G, 2G 3.1.2 with Sn0wbreezeWe already have a guide on how to jailbreak your iPhone and iPod Touch with Sn0wbreeze but the version we used to write the guide was not final. The final version of sn0wbreeze is out now! For those who don’t know, Sn0wbreeze is a tool to jailbreak your iPhone and iPod Touch running 3.1.2 firmware.

Download iOS/iPhone firmware for iPhone (2G, 3G, 3Gs and 4), iPod Touch (2G and 3G) and iPad


Now you can do untethered Jailbreak of your iPhone 3G/3Gs running latest firmware 3.1.3 with "Spirit".

Step by Step iPhone and iPod Touch (All models) Firmware 3.1.3 Jailbreak Guide Using Spirit


Download now the full version of Sn0wbreeze. The procedure to Jailbreak is same as we mentioned in the guide. If you don’t need to jailbreak, you can try other things that you can see in the screenshot.