It’s not necessary that you should only use a CPU Cooler Peltier Plate for cooling the CPU only. it runs at 5 to 12 volts and that means it can be powered with a USB and you can also chill other things with it. How about chilling a drink via USB? PCF236.make.10-728-75

Neil Mohr of TechRadar has made this really cool USB fridge and tells you how to make it. You can get a Peltier heat pump on eBay for under £5(30W one) and power them with USB to make a mini USB fridge.

It’s not expensive. With a Peltier heat-pump, Old heatsink x2, Polystyrene A3 foam mounting boards
,USB lead, Soldering iron, Stanley knife and some glue, you can make it at home!

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