The next iPod touch is expected to be released this September and the rumors have already begun. With wish lists of new features that might be added in the all new iPod touch 4, there have been some evidences of one thing that has been missing in iPod touch all this while: Camera.

Here’s an image that first surfaced on an internet B2B website ‘Alibaba’ which shows something that apparently seems to be the outer case of iPod touch 4 with a front facing camera. We saw similar evidences for iPhone 4 in the recent months prior to its release and history is repeating itself.

The widely circulating photo of iPod touch 4 case:

And here’s the another photo of the iPod touch 4 case:

Apart from this photo, a John Lewis, a British departmental store enlisted possible new features that would be added in the September release of new iPod touch 4. Top of the list are features that were introduced for the first time in iPhone 4:

  • GyroScope: Enabling motion detection in 3 dimensional space
  • Front and back Camera: Let’s all pray that it does happen this time!
  • Retina Display: There’s no reason why Apple should not apply iPhone 4 screen miracle to iPod touch 4 too.

Now if they do include 2 cameras then there’s no reason why we should not have FaceTime as well since it works on Wi-Fi network. And if that’s true then it will only increase the possible audience of FaceTime.

Here’s a still of the presentation on iPod touch 4 at John Lewis:

(news and photo via AppleInsider)