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by on May 13th, 2010

Adobe decided to reply to Steve Job’s accusations by launching an Ad campaign focused on their “Love for Apple”. Adobe’s founders emphasize that Web is Open but Apple is trying to dictate what and how content should be made and distributed over the mobile web.

by on March 25th, 2010


Well, it seems like so. Steve Jobs has been preaching the psalms of HTML5 since long before iPad’s launch but Apple has intensified efforts to replace Flash with HTML5 as the dominant force for the content on the internet and now there are first signs that Steve’s efforts are paying off.

by on February 9th, 2010

Adobe was really pissed when iPad was announced without the support for Flash format. For us, that mean 80% of the video content on the web will not be available on iPad just like it’s not available on iPhone and iPod touch. But Adobe seems to have found a way around the problem by releasing iPhone packager with their next major release of Adobe Flash CS5.

by on July 28th, 2009

Yes that’s true. If you are a Windows user and have Flash Player 9 or Flash Player 10 (latest) installed then you could be attacked by something known as drive-by attack in which hackers try to run malicious code embedded on Flash files (.flv) that are embedded even on trust worthy sites.