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by on November 26th, 2012

There are a variety of image editing applications, available for use, both online and offline but they vary in the respective learning curve associated with them. For novice users, it is the ease of use and relevance to the problem, at hand, that makes an image editing program worthy of use. Moreover, the interface coupled with performance are important factors in view of the majority of users. If you want to upload a photo album, you may want to add a logo or watermark for identification or marketing to the collection in the least amount of time. Similarly, you may also want to reduce the image size, resolution and other aspects to ensure effective sharing and related applications. GoodFrame is a handy program that allows you to easily apply finishing touches to your image collection, in batches for operations like printing and sharing. You can also apply simple as well as rounded frames as per your preference.

by on June 5th, 2009

For the amateurs out there, here’s a simple Windows trick to protect your data and locking your folder/s. There are many desktop apps for locking your folder/s but if you forget the password with which you locked your folder then your data is history! Here’s a simple trick which doesn’t require remembering any passwords but does the same job: Locking access to your folder/s.