We tend to use multiple browsers amid the increase in crashes, lags and many other problems during our daily use and one of the pronounced problem we face because of this, is the syncing of the Bookmarks. With the availability of on-premise tools within the browsers for syncing the bookmarks, the tedious task to search and find your related bookmarks on your machine or outside of the machine, within a single browser has become quite easy but we all miss that top notch authority bookmarking tool known as “Xmarks”, which was regarded as peerless in the cross browsers bookmark sync support. Amid its death in 2010,and merger with LastPass,  Xmarks no more supports cross browsers bookmark syncing efficiently and there are a amassed number of bug reports. So we have compiled some best alternatives for syncing the bookmarks between different browsers.


Delicious is a great social bookmarking service and probably the best alternative to Xmarks we have found. It allows you to save the bookmarks and sync them to Cloud at a central repository, which is actually the website. This online bookmarks storage and management solution allows you to save bookmarks with tag, search  them efficiently irrespective of your location. You can also make clear categorizations(known as Network Bundles) of your bookmarks. Delicious works awesome for Mac,Windows,Linux and there are add-ons for each mainstream browser.

Delecious Search Bar

Delecious Bookmarks Screen


TidyFavorites is a nifty little tool to sync the bookmarks between different browsers like Chrome, FireFox, IE, Opera etc. It provides you a great control over the record of the bookmarks. The Pro Version also allows you to sync the bookmarks automatically. Download tidyfavorites free version and give it a spin.

TidyFavourites Screen

Google Chrome Sync Feature For Bookmarks

If you use Google Chrome, you are lucky because most of the Xmarks features are built in and you don’t need any extra add-ons for that. You can even sync extensions, apps, preferences, themes, and auto-fill settings across the machines. Unfortunately, it doesn't support cross browser sync support but here is the work around for this. You can import Firefox or IE bookmarks to Google Chrome to sync the bookmarks between multiple browsers and enjoy.

Chrome Bookmarks Screen