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by on January 21st, 2015


Mobile virtualization startup BlueStacks has revealed the GamePop as a mobile home gaming console that offers a huge variety of games for a reasonable monthly fee. The GamePop packs around 500 top Android games into the console, just for $6.99 per month. GamePop has also added support for iPhone and iPad games. You can play Android and iOS games on TV and have real fun with GamePop.

mobile games on TV


by on December 18th, 2012

One of the features enjoyed widely on android is the support of SWYPE texting. The feature allows users to slide on letter to form words and sentences without lifting your finger. SWYPE, which has been fairly popular on Android ever since it’s launch is available on Cydia to download on iOS devices, but not everyone jailbreak(s) their device. TouchPal Keyboard had been a major competitor for SWYPE keyboard on android, some even prefer it over SWYPE suggesting it behaves more naturally; the good news is the TouchPal Keyboard is now available for iOS users and what makes the news exciting is that it is not limited to Cydia store only.

by on December 18th, 2012

Google is having a great stint at Apple’s platform, with recent success thanks to Google maps, which hit 10 million downloads in 48 hours, the company has released yet another app. Google seems to like iOS more than android, i mean the official Google apps perform better on iOS than it’s on playground. The latest application released is a YouTube capture app which let’s the iOS users shoot and upload their videos instantly on YouTube, Google +, Facebook and share links on twitter.

by on November 5th, 2012

Although we admit that Apple TV is not as a popular device as others made by Apple, such as the iPhone and the iPod touch, however, this doesn’t mean that it will not be catered and slowly but surely the device has started to get some importance. Although there were rumors that Apple might come up with an actual Apple TV, but that never happened and we are nearing to the end of 2012. The current device did receive a little importance from Apple earlier this year when it was given the access to stream Apples event and other important blogs, but the fact remains that they have to push a little more into its product to truly make it a gadget rather than a hobby.

by on November 2nd, 2012

Apple has released an update to 6th major iteration of iOS i.e. the iOS 6 fixing several bugs faced by iPhone 5 users including the fix for camera crashing, horizontal lines on keyboard while using it, Microsoft exchange crash fix, passbook fix and Wi-Fi connectivity issue has been catered as well. So, if you had been facing an issue with your OS, try the latest Update and see if it helps. Note that if you rely on a Jailbreak device and an unlocked one, it is advised that you wait for the jailbreak and unlock to arrive. The complete list of the updates is as follows:

by on November 1st, 2012

Are you dependent on using data package on you smartphone or tablet? Do you have a restriction on data usage and don’t want to get over it? Is your data being used up by applications in the background? Well, there is an application to cater that. Onavo count, which is available to download for free on Android and iOS formats will keep a track of your data usage and will notify and block the connection if you get close to your limit. Not only that, it will tell you how much data you have used on a specific application which you could use to estimate your data plan and it’s pricing.

by on August 8th, 2012

Apple has released the iOS 6 beta 4recently to the registered developers at apple. The beta was to fix any previously known bugs and to improve performance upon feedback from testers; however, they got surprised when there was no “YouTube” application on their home screens. In the previous beta release the YouTube app failed to grab any links and had choppy streaming to which were showed, this time it is gone all together.

by on August 8th, 2012

Apple is pushed out the new Beta 4 recently and it brings us closer to the final build that we will hopefully see on the new iPhone 5. The DEV community is at the iOS 6 case again and the jailbreak is out. Follow the step by step guide in order to Jailbreak your DEV version of iOS 6.

by on August 7th, 2012

The second gig for Rovio, the famous developers who brought us the Angry Birds. Yes they are back, back with their new physics based game i.e. the Amazing Alex. It is available for both android and iOS for a few weeks now; we thought we should check it out and see if it matches up to the integrity of Angry Birds.

Amazing alex banner

by on January 13th, 2011

Apple released Beta 1 of iOS 4.3 SDK for iPod touch and iPad as well as Apple TV late Wednesday night.  There are some exciting additions to the iOS 4.3 like the multi-touch gesture support which will replace the Home button in iPad, new video effects for video recording and the confirmation that CDMA based iPad is also on it's way! Here's a summarized version of what has been added in the new beta:

by on October 3rd, 2010

If there’s something that is lagging behind in the Apple eco system then it is the same old UX of Mac OS. It seems that Apple is so immersed in the recent wide acceptance of its iOS and iDevices (iPod touch, iPhone and iPad) that it has – it seems – neglected Mac OS altogether. The UX needs some really big improvements on the lines of iOS. I agree that iOS is specifically for the mobile devices with multi-touch enabled but bringing in similar design concepts to Mac OS will definitely try to fill in the gap. Raskin for Mac is an app that is a stark reminder and a wake-up call for Apple.

by on September 9th, 2010

Unlike the now-popular JailbreakMe which lets you jailbreak your iPhone 4 (and older) and iPod touch (all models) with just a single click, there is definite news that a new bootrom based exploit will be released in just a matter of days? iOS 4.1 update has been shipped by Apple already and the timing of this new jailbreak exploit is surely exciting. JailbreakMe and all other previous jailbreak tools use leaks in the iOS (previously known as iPhone OS) to jailbreak your iDevice but with a bootrom based jailbreak, you will have even more control like you would be able to change the boot logo among other things.

by on August 12th, 2010

Apple has just released iOS 4.0.2 update for iPhone which patches the PDF exploit that was used by for jailbreaking iPhone 4. It’s been said that there is absolutely nothing new added in this minor iOS update other then the patch for the exploit. The update is simple and all you need to do is connect your iPhone to iTunes and wait for the popup (or click here to download iOS 4.0.2 directly).