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by on February 27th, 2013

With social media platforms getting ever more popular, and our day to day activities being profiled in places like Facebook Timeline and the like, seldom do we use our social footprint to analyze our behavior and save time. Documenting your habits and personal trends can help you know more about you and why build a brand new resume when you have everything shared on Facebook? In addition, there are many online tools that help you create documents in forms relevant to text, spreadsheets and presentations but rarely do they resemble the output produced through the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Well, I for one was amazed to see a new initiative by Microsoft FUSE Labs termed simply as Docs. What’s so special about Docs? Well, you can create and save all professional work online in the official Microsoft environment that provides you the comfort of using the Office applications online. In addition, with just a few clicks, you can extract statistics regarding your Facebook Friends’ List (gender and location distribution to mention briefly), Resume (derived from your Facebook information) and Slideshow (a collection of memories from your Facebook photos). Read on after the jump to realize what you are truly missing in the sphere of social media.

by on February 25th, 2013

Torch Web Browser - Your All in One Internet Browser

If you have a good internet connection with a healthy bandwidth ensured and you live in the present world of information, you would definitely have to deal with a habit called downloading. Unfortunately, some of us have to rely on third party download accelerators (to speed up the painstaking progress bar sometimes coupled with pause/resume feature), torrent managers and media grabbers (to download streaming videos and audios from popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Grooveshark and the like) that operate outside your browser. You can easily realize that having three different utilities, ignoring ads and popups caused by each (usually if they are free software), the subsequent system memory consumption and the individual progress monitoring related can be a nuisance in itself. Now, many of us use Google Chrome and are used to the clean and modern interface it offers, so what if all three functions (media grabbing, torrent and download management) could somehow get integrated into the same browser. This would imply an all-in-one solution for download enthusiasts out there. The recently released Torch browser is one such blessing that is based on the Chromium engine and offers you the ability to download audio and videos from a plethora of media sharing sites, provides slightly faster download speeds and a torrent manager within itself. To add on to this, it allows you to share webpages and links on a single click to your Facebook and Twitter.

by on January 22nd, 2013

While Google has tried its level best to incorporate information and data from Google+ to its widely popular search engine, Facebook remained a step behind in this regard. Recently, after much media hype, the Facebook team headed by Mark Zuckerberg announced a unique way for Facebook users to utilize advanced search utilities to find what they exactly need in the least amount of time. The CEO of Facebook described the new Graph Search feature as a descriptive way of search. He further says. “But we can answer a set of questions that no one else can really answer. All those other services are indexing primarily public information, and stuff in Facebook isn’t out there in the world — it’s stuff that people share. There’s no real way to cut through the contents of what people are sharing, to fulfill big human needs about discovery, to find people you wouldn’t otherwise be connected with. And we thought we should do something about that. We’re the only service in the world that can do that.”

by on December 23rd, 2012

As the year reaches its end, it is always useful to recap some useful and important achievements, milestones and events of your life in 2012 so as to derive strength and hope for a better year ahead. Most of us become so absorbed in our lives, that we forget to remember what we went through in our life, while we make sure that every update is shared on Facebook so that our loved ones know about what’s going on in our lives. Facebook has attempted to provide you with useful information of your profile through the YearInReview feature, while propagating the overall usage trends like the most popular videos, memes, check ins, books, public figures, technology and the like as a means to get a feel of the trends and statistics in the social media over the year 2012 using the Facebook Stories feature. In addition, you can also view country or region-wise stories and tendencies while having the ability to add your own story to the overall global pool of memories. Try out these new features and bid a warm farewell to 2012.

by on December 23rd, 2012

With a large number of graduates worldwide, yearning for jobs relevant to their skill sets, there is a huge demand from both the employers and the job-seekers for a reliable platform that enables them to effectively utilize their education and passions in the practical world. LinkedIn is considered to be the world’s largest professional network, while Facebook is the most influential social platform. To cut the chase, many employers were already using Facebook to select the right candidates for the vacancies in focus using their contacts as references, but now Facebook has decided to compete with LinkedIn in the professional sphere for good. It recently launched its own Job Board called Facebook Social Jobs Partnership, that presents a quick and effective way to find the right job from millions of available vacancies. The US Department of Labor, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), DirectEmployers Association, the National Association of State Workforce Agencies, and Facebook are the partners of this project while BranchOut, DirectEmployers, Work4Labs, Jobvite, and serve as the job sources, that can be sorted on the basis of industry, location, and skills.

by on July 31st, 2011

I stumbled across this collection of (very rare) Facebook UI shots over time. You may find some of the newer ones on the Internet Archive but it indeed is amazing to see how the User Interface of Facebook has changed over time, since it started from the dorm of Mark Zuckerberg. It starts from when Facebook was “thefacebook” uptil now. Enjoy.

by on July 6th, 2011

After unveiling of one of the epic features of Google+ called hangout that allows users to make video calls online with an awesome user experience, Facebook is now also announcing soon the the video calling feature that will allow Facebook users to make video calls.


Facebook video calling is not officially announced yet but it is ready and working! somewhere on internet, the direct link to the video calling page got leaked or discovered.

by on April 22nd, 2010

Now you can “Like” anything almost anywhere on the web. Starting from today, Facfacebookebook has started posting notifications on your Facebook page detailing that now it’s possible for you to “Like” content on it’s partner websites including Yelp, Microsoft, Wall Street Journal, Pandora and several others. 

by on December 15th, 2009


Facebook has really gone insane. Not only this but they have really crossed the lines this time. Imagine your prospective employers or just some odd-random-guy searching on Google and your Facebook status or pics or any information you have on Facebook starts coming up in the search results without you even realizing that. Now this seems pretty scary but the truth is that it’s already happening and this time they did it quietly probably because of the uproar they had to face because of their lame actions. They played clever this time.

by on August 21st, 2009

Tired of opening multiple tabs and switch between them to browse through multiple videos and settle on one to watch? Or is the browser too bulky? Now you can enhance your Youtube experience by viewing videos right from your desktop without any browser but a really cool app that’s designed only for this purpose.


by on July 30th, 2009

Lame Quiz invitations and game invites to down right stupid invitations can be very animagenoying at times leaving your facebook page a  ll cluttered with crap which has now started to seem more like crap. There must be some way of avoiding or more precisely stopping all this spam from creeping into your facebook page. Is there a way to clean up your page so that only facebook apps like Status updates, links and notes and photos show up on your page? Yes there is!

by on July 25th, 2009

Not just download but you can actually convert them, get their embed codeimage even if it’s not your video and also change viewing resolution according to your taste and all with just a single click!

There are many other video downloaders out there but almost all of them require some sort of extra effort while downloading and most of the time they spoil the quality of the downloaded video.

by on July 23rd, 2009

If you are travelling and have shot some great snaps there is still little you can do image with them in terms of sharing right away. Facebook has recently introduced feature to directly upload your photos and videos directly through email. So now whenever you shot a cool snap or record a video, you can instantly share them on facebook if you have access to your email account.

by on April 28th, 2009

A steady stream of information flows through Facebook everyday just as it dimageoes in Twitter. But up until now, one couldn’t access the string of Facebook status updates being posted by people known and unknown, with or without a Facebook account.

But Facebook has recently announced plans to open up its API, so now the information that appears in user home pages and profiles will become available to third party developers who can build new services and applications based on the data being made publicly available. Previously, developers were able to access facebook's own API to build customized Facebook applications using the Facebook markup language (FBML).

by on February 1st, 2009

Who is this guy on Facebook? Is he the real person behind Facebook? or an hacker?. I just discovered something on Facebook that may be an Easter egg!

Visiting random URLs of the Facebook data server shows up image of this guy every time. Why he is here? what he wants? why has  Facebook put him here?. I don't know who he is, do you know? if Yes then please tell me.

Here is how you can see this easter egg: